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Action = Cutting
I am Geraldine - a speech and language therapist in Ireland and the creator of Actions in Video. It has been a wonderful journey bringing this idea to fruition. Over a number of years I have been using apps as an additional tool to support traditional therapy methods.

My idea for developing Actions in Video stemmed from using one of my favourite
therapy resources – using homemade colour coded sentence strips with visuals coupled with purchased verb cards to work on actions and sentence structures.
I see at first hand how visuals make learning so much easier for many people, especially those who have autism or Down syndrome.

One of the challenges I found was that it was quite difficult to teach the concept of verbs or actions using still images. I often found myself acting out these actions to make them more realistic!
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Action =Kicking

Action = Running

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Even when the action words were understood and used, another challenge was – how to generalise skills learned in the therapy room into everyday life situations. I often find that while the client with language difficulties may be able to do an activity, like creating a sentence in a structured situation, they are challenged when trying to carry out this skill in their own real world where they most need such skills.

I have always been interested in the power of video modelling and have used it to great effect to target understanding and social skills.

Action = Running

With recent and rapid developments in the field of mobile technology the use of videos to target specific language goals has become much easier. I now use the video feature regularly in tablet devices and put the videos into apps to create stories to work on a whole range of goals.
Following the success of this new therapy tool I began to explore how I could combine the use of video with some of my traditional therapy methods. I decided to develop an app that would work on actions using the power of video and combine this with other evidenced based strategies such as coloured coded visual approaches to creating sentences. And so, Actions in Video was born!
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Action = Throwing

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While Actions in Video uses a combination of strategies to develop language skills, it is its convenience that is most appealing to parents and therapists.

There is no longer time spent in preparing visual resources to work on actions and sentence structure at home.

Parents do not have to concern themselves about trying to protect the visuals and pictures that inevitably go missing or that the dog ate!
Yet, they can feel confident that they are using a speech and language therapy resource that contains a combination of great learning strategies. And most importantly, this resource is right in the heart of their child’s real life supporting them where they need it most.

In summary my purpose in creating Actions in Video was to bring therapy into your home.

Bringing Speech and Language Therapy into your Home