Actions in Video

Actions in Video is so clear, easy to use and great value for money. I would recommend it to any parents of a child with special needs.
Jo O'Leary, from Dublin, Ireland
This app is a gem. It appeals to pupils of mixed age and ability. I am very impressed by the use of story visual imagery and the overall layout of each lesson. The use of video footage offers a fresh dynamic alternative to learning from visual clues. The app is user friendly, relevant and motivating. Pupils are encouraged to complete tasks with the aid of visual clues and auditory feedback. The option to record the child’s voice and personally customise the app is very clever. I am looking forward to adding this language app to my tool box of ‘must-have’ teaching aides.
Aisling Heidt, Pupil Support Teacher, Special School, Cork
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Jayne Baker, Teacher, London UK

A new app has been released recently. It is called Actions in Video. The main focus of the app is to help young children/those with language difficulties to use verbs in simple sentences. It was developed by an Irish speech and language therapist, Geraldine Moran who has extensive experience working with individuals with language difficulties.
She has used her experience alongside evidence based methods (methods that have scientific evidence behind them which shows they are successful) to develop this app. These methods include video modelling, using picture supports and colour coded categories. These methods are used alongside language, and when they all blend together, they increase the child’s ability to understand and then communicate what they see.
I really like that the app is inclusive of individuals with Down Syndrome as there are individuals with Down Syndrome performing the actions. Have a look at the welcome note and you’ll see. There are also questions on the website to help guide you through working the app and if you need some extra support you can mail Geraldine your question. The app is free to download and you have the opportunity to try out some activities before you buy. 
Dr. Sarah Jane Flynn 

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Roisin Walsh, Mallow, Ireland
I have been using Actions in Video this past week at group therapy sessions and the clients love it. Videos are really high quality…it beats cartoon characters any day!
Mary Lane, Speech and Language Therapist, Galway.
I teach in an SEN school and we adopted iPads schoolwide two years ago. I am always on the lookout for fresh, motivating apps that can be customised for individual pupils and that parents can use with their child to support classroom learning and generalisation. 'Actions in Video' certainly fits that bill. There is a huge amount of content and, using the settings, I can tailor make the app to extend each pupil. I particularly appreciate that the videos also include children and adults with special needs, and they are great role models. My pupils are also enjoying listening to their own voices, with the added benefit of reinforcing the concepts. Worth every cent.
C. Elliot, Apple Distinguished Educator
'Actions in Video' represents a fantastic combination of Auditory , Verbal and Visual input making it a particularly useful resource when supporting language development for children with hearing loss

This app incorporates simple and meaningful material strengthening the Auditory learning experience for children with hearing loss.

N Crowley
B.Sc. (Hons) SLT, M.Sc. Aud
Paediatric Audiologist, Ireland 

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