Dawn Ferrer, Speech & Language Pathologist, San Francisco wrote...

“I started using it immediately and really like it.

Today I used your app with a 5-year-old boy with Down syndrome. His 8-year-old sister was with us too helping out as a language model. It was perfect for this little guy. Using it on the easy setting first for person + action, he sailed through it. His sister who acts like his mini-speech therapist at times said, "this app is really good for him. He’s doing really well!” Later when she saw that someone in the video also had Ds, she said to her brother, “hey he kinda looks like you.” I think she was happy that people like her brother were represented.

With another client who is 10 years old with language skills of a 3- 5 year old and splinter literacy skills of a 6-7 year old, I used it to help with her decoding and reading fluency skills.

It is easy enough for her to use and understand and the recording feature provides excellent and immediate auditory feedback. It helped improve her speech intelligibility as well.

The design, layout, and presentation works well with this client because it reduces visual clutter, yet, provides meaningful, consistent, and appropriate visual cues. Having the video clips also helps her work on her observation skills.

It’s a really great product.“

Dawn Ferrer, MS, Licensed SLP is a regular presenter at conferences throughout the USA on the use of technologies in therapy.