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Happy to see Actions in Video app was one of the apps recommended at the recent OASHA conference in Oklahoma by Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP OMazing Kids

Libby Danckert SLP at Sensory Connections Western Australia said about Actions in Video “It is a wonderful resource!
I thought you may like to know that Sarah and I shared it at our recent Speech Pathology meeting where we get together with our colleagues from three different practices in our area. We gave a demonstration of what was included in your app in terms of vocabulary and levels. We also went into settings and made changes to the pronouns and the colour codes to look at how this can be used more widely.
There are so many opportunities to use the app in therapy; our colleagues were very excited about it. Here is their specific feedback:
· They love the videos. This is so appealing and a step up from pictures.
· They like how it is progressively sequenced.
· They like the range and number of choices
· It is great to be able to target pronouns or nouns with the same videos
· It is good to be able to remove colours to extend the use for some clients.
Congratulations on creating such a wonderful resource”

Sydney therapist welcomes the addition of he/she' pronouns.

Hi Geraldine,
After using Actions in Video since December, I have found it to be a very useful and motivating app for a number of my clients. One of my clients, whose parents bought the app, keeps asking during the session to do this app which he has memorised. I am glad that next session I will be able to use he and she to add to the complexity.

Kind regards
Robin S Mitchell
Speech Pathologist

New! Now you can use your Actions in Video app to work on he/she pronoun. Update your app to get this new feature in the app settings. 

One of the highlights of 2015 was meeting so many  Speech & Language Therapists at the IASLT conference in Dublin. It was great to hear how they use Actions in Video app in so many ways to support language development. 

New Zealand Speech & Language Therapist commented: “I tried this app with a range of students with developmental communication disabilities and found several features of it to be useful in practice”. See the review in Communication Matters - the magazine of the New Zealand Speech & Language Therapists’ Association (NZSTA).

Actions in Video acknowledged on the App wheel - recommended apps for autism. See Professor Sue Fletcher Watson

Mikela Mukongolwa, Head Teacher in Bauleni Special Needs School, Zambia, wrote “"this language app is of great help.  Apart from teaching language, it’s a
programme that is helping children to smile.  I have noticed that the child,
Jeremy, who has used it a lot is now able to express different types
of moods as before he could only smile even when he was sad.  These days he
is able to make up his face to show that he is sad,  Despite the disability
Jeremy has of having cerebral palsy athetoid, he is now able to stabilize
his finger to actually push the picture to the correct position. To me it’s
a wonderful programme that should be accessed by a good number of children”.

New York based Speech and Language Pathologist and author - Becca Eisenberg says:

“I really like the videos because they are short, simple and concrete. I also like that the app includes videos of both real children and adults which makes it appropriate to use with a variety of ages”.

See Becca’s website at:

Royal College of Speech and Language magazine ‘Bulletin’ reviews Actions in Video app and gives it the thumbs up as a therapy app.

App review by Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson
Chancellor’s Fellow, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Melbourne - based Speech and Language Pathologist Cath Morrissy says...

…This morning I presented your videos and App to our stream of 28 speech pathologists. They were blown away! I dare say word of mouth will move this wonderful resource into therapy sessions and family homes here in Melbourne.

Cath Morrissy
Speech and Language Pathologist
Catholic Education Office, Melbourne

Mary Foskin, Principal in Wateford wrote on Seomra Ranga.....

New app designed to help children with language difficulties - The Cork News

Article in Irish Examiner Feelgood supplement

Parents ‘appy as kids get chance to learn……

Brian Crowley, Member of the European Parliament launches Actions in Video app for iPad. Brian is pictured here with Ger Manley, country manager CompuB, Professor Fiona Gibbon, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, University College Cork and Geraldine Moran, Speech and Language Therapist and creator of Actions in Video

Supports language development for those with hearing impairment

“We are really enjoying using the app, it is a super resource. The videos are great - so clear. Very well done, it’s a great achievement”

Jennifer Robertson
Clinical Specialist Speech & Language Therapist
National Cochlear Implant Programme
Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

This is Michael, who is hearing impaired, really engaging with Actions in Video. Cherryl Elliot, SEN teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator

Dawn Ferrer, Speech & Language Pathologist, San Francisco wrote...

“I started using it immediately and really like it.

Today I used your app with a 5-year-old boy with Down syndrome. His 8-year-old sister was with us too helping out as a language model. It was perfect for this little guy. Using it on the easy setting first for person + action, he sailed through it. His sister who acts like his mini-speech therapist at times said, "this app is really good for him. He’s doing really well!” Later when she saw that someone in the video also had Ds, she said to her brother, “hey he kinda looks like you.” I think she was happy that people like her brother were represented.

With another client who is 10 years old with language skills of a 3- 5 year old and splinter literacy skills of a 6-7 year old, I used it to help with her decoding and reading fluency skills.

It is easy enough for her to use and understand and the recording feature provides excellent and immediate auditory feedback. It helped improve her speech intelligibility as well.

The design, layout, and presentation works well with this client because it reduces visual clutter, yet, provides meaningful, consistent, and appropriate visual cues. Having the video clips also helps her work on her observation skills.

It’s a really great product.“

Dawn Ferrer, MS, Licensed SLP is a regular presenter at conferences throughout the USA on the use of technologies in therapy.

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