Actions in Video

Levels of Difficulty

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When you are ready for a greater challenge choose Level 2. This is an intermediate level offering 4 choices to choose from.

Level 3 is the most difficult level. Here there are also 4 choices but this time the words contain a mixed range of person, action and object words.
To make it ultimately more difficult you can switch off the colour-coding feature in the settings box. By removing the colour-coding supports the task gets much more difficult as the user has to independently construct the structure of the sentence. By completing this task the user demonstrates that they have now developed a good understanding of how to construct basic sentence structures.

Now add additional actions to create variety and work on true understanding of the action word. You can work on three actions at any one time. Remember there are three videos of each action – this means that the user has to accurately select the correct action from a total of 9 videos. When this task is achieved it means that the user has developed a good understanding of the actions in this action pack and is ready to move on to a new pack.

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Use simple words and short sentences to provide a good model for early language learners. Remember to keep sentences grammatically correct.

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Observe what holds your child's interest.
Watch what they are looking at. Comment on the activity or objects in the videos. For example if your child is engaged in the video of the girl building sand castles add additional vocabulary by commenting on the spade, bucket, sea, sand etc.

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