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The settings features of this app are simple in order to facilitate ease of use and access. It is important to be able to personalise an app to meet the specific needs of the user. This app allows you to increase the levels of choices as you work through it, and it also permits you to work on from one to three actions at the same time. See increasing levels of difficulty page here

Click here for location of settings on the Home Screen.

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Tap on the settings icon to open the settings page

Sound: This means that the option to hear the sentence being said can be turned on/off. It is good to have it on to hear the correct model. However, if you want to say it independently without the model then slide the button to off.

Reward: The reward screen appears after every three activities. If an adult user is using it or if you prefer not to have the reward slide it to off.

Colour Coded Graphic Symbols: These visuals are colour coded based on Colourful Semantics a strategy used to support formation and understanding of appropriate sentence structure. When the user is able to match the correct symbols using these supported strategies, then this setting can be turned off, allowing for no colour support. When the user can match the sentence without the colour support then this demonstrates that the user fully understands how to construct the sentence independently.

Record your own sentence: This facility can be turned off when you do not wish to use the record feature and may prefer to focus on the receptive language skills or non-verbal communication output.

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