Actions in Video

Guide to using Actions in Video

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Choose a sentence type.
Tap on the button
Person & Action sentences, or Person, Action & Object sentences.
Person & Action sentences are the easiest sentences to begin with, e.g. 'The boy is sleeping'. Person Action & Object sentences have an additional object word added, e.g. 'The girl is eating a banana'.
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Chose your action pack.
Once you have chosen which sentence type you want to work on, you are given a choice of action packs. Each pack contains three actions to work on with three videos of each action. This comprises of a total of 9 video per action pack.
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Tap on the button of the Action Pack that you would like to work on.
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Choose an action or actions you want to work on from the choice of 3 given
Choose the actions you would like to work on by tapping on the box to select it. Choose just one action when starting off to keep it simple.

Next, select the level of difficulty – Easy (1), Intermediate (2) or Difficult (3).
Start with Level 1. This offers two graphic symbols to choose from and is the easiest level. Now you are ready to start working on Actions in Video.
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Follow these 4 simple steps to creating great sentences.
1. Look 2. Match 3. Listen & 4. Say

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1. Look at the Video Pay attention to the movement that the person is making. You can replay the video by tapping on the replay button.
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2. Match the pictures Begin by deciding ‘Who’ is doing the action, i.e. is it a man, boy, etc. The person is surrounded by an orange border. Drag the visual to match it to the appropriate box. If you choose the incorrect visual it will slide back to its original position so that you can try again. This is to allow for errorless learning. Once you have completed the person box you will be presented with a set of visuals for actions. Match the appropriate action to the empty yellow box. If you are working on person, action & object sentences, then, you will be presented with a set of green object visuals. Match these to the empty green box. Now you have completed your sentence. The complete sentence will now appear.
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3. Listen to the sentence Tap the icon again if you wish to hear the sentence repeated.
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4. Say the sentence. For those who use speech to communicate, press the record button, and say the sentence. Tap on the stop button when you are finished and press the play button to hear your sentence. If you are not entirely happy with your sentence you can use the record button to try again. You can also use sign, gesture or use your individual communication method to say the sentence. To encourage generalisation of the action, you can act it out too!!!
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