Actions in Video

Created by Geraldine Moran, BSc (Hons.) Speech and Language Therapy, MIASLT

App developed by Coding Fury Limited

Graphics by Tiffany McClure

Videos by Paraic English, Sandymount Productions, Cork

Sound by Conor Barron, Half-Light Audio Post Production, Cork

Voice over by Jackie Whelton and members of Dramatricks School of Speech and Drama, Cork Also male voice by Glenn Warner

Web design by Cherryl Elliot
A special mention to:

All the other individuals who were involved in the making of this app especially the boys, girls, men and women who carried out the actions. 
My many colleagues and friends in the professions of Speech and Language Therapy and of Education for their support and advice. 
Members of staff in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences in University College Cork, and the School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences in Trinity College Dublin. 
The many boys and girls who were the source of inspiration for this app and who trialled it out so diligently!
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This was my first real acting role
Diarmuid O'Leary
Having fun in the recording studio
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