Actions in Video

Who can use Actions in Video?

Actions in Video was designed as a speech and language therapy tool that is user friendly so that it can be used by all the people who are important in the child's or adult's life. Therefore, it is suitable for parents to use at home, for teachers to use in the classroom, for Speech and Language Therapists/Pathologists in their clinic setting, and so on.

By using this app with many different people across many different settings, the child or adult will be supported to generalise the skills they have learned into their everyday life. This is critically important for learning and demonstrates true understanding of the actions targeted.

So, for example, if mum is working on the action 'eating' on the
Actions in Video app she might draw the child's attention to dad across the table and say "look, dad is eating his dinner" or look out the window and say "look, the dog is eating his food". Make sure always to relate the action to the child "now Laura is eating her dinner".
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Action = Eating

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Link the use of this app to speech and language goals or curriculum goals if working on actions or sentence structure. This will ensure that the purpose for which you are using the app will be your focus.


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