Actions in Video

How does Actions in Video work?

Actions in Video provides a unique, practical and easy way to learn action words through the use of video. Visually based interventions have been demonstrated to be an effective learning method for many people. The unique benefit of the videos in this app is that they involve real people doing real actions, thus, enabling the user to generalise their learning experience into their everyday life.

Actions in Video combines a number of traditional therapy strategies to work on both the user’s understanding (receptive) and use (expressive) of key action words. These include visual strategies, video modelling, and colour-coded systems to support language development and the generation of grammatically correct sentence structures all in one easy to use app.
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1. Look - at the video.
Match - the colour-coded symbols to the appropriate box.
Listen - to the sentence being said.
Say - the sentence*
*Say can mean speech, sign, or demonstrate the sentence through action or gesture.
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