Actions in Video

Who can benefit from Actions in Video?

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This app is suitable for children with emerging language skills, pre-schoolers, children with language delay and disorder, people with autism, Down syndrome, specific language impairment, hearing impairment, and others.

It is also useful for adults with acquired brain injury or with aphasia following stroke, or anyone who needs support in planning and constructing grammatically correct sentences such as those learning English as a second language.

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Many children with special needs demonstrate agreater ability to understand language than their ability to use it.
For example, children with Down syndrome have delays in saying single words and then progressing to being able to combine words to create phrases and sentences. By using visual supports such as the graphic symbols in
Actions in Video, the user will be supported to construct basic sentence structures.
It can be suitable for children from 2 years plus.

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Try out the free packs of action words and see how speech and language therapy activities can be so much fun.

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Match real objects with graphics to personalise, reinforce and extend concept learning

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