Actions in Video

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All about this App

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Action = Cleaning

Actions in Video is a therapy tool to teach everyday action words (verbs). It targets both the students understanding (receptive) and use (expressive) of 49 core action words.
The selected action words are grounded in research on the relative emergence and importance of verbs from the MacArthur Bates Communicative Development Inventories (see CLEX website and from the Down Syndrome Education vocabulary checklists
Each action has three individual videos so that the user gains a clear understanding of the action.
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Action = Sleeping

Once the student has looked at the video they then have the opportunity to put this action word in to a sentence.
Creating grammatically correct sentence structures can be a difficult task as you not only need to understand the meaning of words but you also need to figure out where each word belongs in a sentence and how it relates to the other words around it. The action words are demonstrated in two basic sentence structures, that is:
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Action = Blowing

1. Person & action which is the simplest form of sentence structure, e.g. 'the girl is sleeping'. 2. Person, action & object which is a little more challenging, e.g. 'the girl is blowing a bubble'.
This practical app allows even pre-readers the opportunity to plan and to create these sentences in a fun way by simply matching colour-coded graphic symbols. This method is based on Colourful Semantics which was developed in the United Kingdom by Alison Bryan, Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) as a method of helping people to understand and to construct sentences.
In addition to learning action words in sentences, users of this app will also increase their vocabulary by identifying nouns in attractive graphic symbols or visuals that are matched with people and real objects in the video.

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Consider your position when working on apps with your child. Face to face or side by side can be appropriate. It is essential that they can clearly see your face in order to enjoy joint attention.


Bringing Speech and Language Therapy into your Home

Features of Actions in Video

It contains 49 core actions based on research from the MacArthur Bates Communicative Development Inventories and from the Down Syndrome Education vocabulary checklists.

Demonstrates real people demonstrating each action in 3 separate scenarios.

154 videos of actions modelled.

Person & action, and person, action & object sentence structures targeted.

Promotes vocabulary development.

Specially commissioned and trialled graphic symbols.

Colour-coded graphics/visuals to support understanding and use of correct sentence structure.

Promotes errorless learning.

Mix of male, female, adult and child audio modelling correct sentence production.

Record feature that allows users to repeat sentences.

In-app tutorial.

Free sample action packs allowing you to try before you buy.

Attractive visual presentation to appeal to both the child and adult user.

Levels of complexity can be increased, including the removal of colour coded supports.