Actions in Video

Welcome to the Actions in Video website. Come and explore. It will tell you all you need to know about our fabulous new app plus lots of hints and tips about language development.

Actions in Video does exactly what it says. It is an app that teaches a person to understand and use action words through the use of videos. In addition to using the power of video modelling, it also combines the evidenced-based strategies of visual reinforcement and colour coded supports to provide an errorless learning method for the user.  

There are 49 common action words targeted in the app with three videos of each action – that’s a total of 147 plus a number of extra free videos! That’s a lot of videos and yes there are free sample videos and demos that you can try before you buy. We are confident that once you try this unique app you will see how learning can be simple, yet, such fun.

Actions in Video is unique because it has been designed by a speech and language therapist using evidenced-based methods to work on actions and construct basic sentences comprised of these actions.

The benefits of using real people doing real actions in regular everyday environments is that it will make it so much easier for the user to generalise skills learned through the app to their own lives. That is why we say 'Actions in Video - bringing speech and language therapy into your home'.
Watch our new trailer for Actions in Video.

Bringing Speech and Language Therapy into your Home


Brian Crowley MEP launching Actions in Video
Actions in Video Trailer